Cooking is hip & happening!

Online, on TV, in magazines and in the supermarket. In a restaurant or at home; the attraction of cooking and culinary enjoyment is ‘booming’.

Are you also a great lover of cooking and great food? Do you find it important that your tools create something tasteful and are in tip-top condition? Splatter free cooking on the one hand and portraying something truly exceptional on the other? Than opt for a leather apron; robust, strong and full of character.

Custom-made apron

The Gaba-Gaba aprons are made of full-grain leather. This leather from Argentina is the best of the best and incredibly durable and supple. And, the longer you wear it, the more beautiful it becomes!

At Gaba-Gaba you can choose from various basic colours that allow you to vary the character you wish to portray. You can order the style elements, such as the pockets, neck pad and towel loop in contrasting colours which will help you to create an apron with a unique look.

What is also important, is that the wax coating makes cleaning the apron as simple as can be. All you need to do is wipe your apron with a damp cloth.

Personalise your apron

The type of leather, the colour and style elements already make your apron unique in its kind. Do you still want to add something extra? Consider putting your name on it, which would finish it off nicely. A personalised apron is also very suitable as a personal gift for another professional or hobby chef.

Technique: laser engraving or embroidery

With our laser machine we skilfully burn the name into the leather. It will not only look professional, it will also be a sign of true craftsmanship. The other option is for us to mechanically embroider the name on a neatly finished piece of leather to be attached to the apron. The choice of colour is yours and you can choose from a wide range of thread colours.


For only £10 per piece Gaba-Gaba will uniquely personalise your leather apron. Fill in your order, and at “logo” click either “laser engraved” or “embroidered”. Once you have finalised your order, you can send us an email with the required name and - if you opt for the embroidered option - the desired thread colour via:

Spice up your skill!