You know how to get the best out of the espresso beans and you've gotten the preparation of lattes down to a fine art. Endorse your craft with the Gaba-Gaba barista apron. Bold, maintenance-free and available in statement colours.

What makes your barista apron so unique?
-Made of full-grain Argentinian leather;
-Tanned and processed in the Netherlands
-Lightweight material
-Customisable: choose your own colour and style elements
-Avaiable in four sizes S-M-L-XL
-Can be laser engraved or embroidered with your company logo

Full-grain leather is the best leather there is and excels in durability and suppleness. The longer you wear it, the more beautiful it becomes!

Customise here your own Gabagaba Barista apron

Basic price apron £ 99.00
Apron pockets £ 0.00
Logo £ 0.00
Shipping costs £ 0,00
Price £ 99.00