You distinguish yourself through your skills
Give extra character to your trade with the Gaba-Gaba leather aprons.

Leather aprons

Barista apron

You know how to get the best out of the espresso beans and you've gotten the preparation of lattes down to a fine art. Endorse your craft with the Gaba-Gaba barista apron. Bold, maintenance-free and available in statement colours.

Caterer's apron

Your customer is king. Underline your professionalism with the Gaba-Gaba apron for the catering and hospitality sector. Comfortable to wear throughout the day due to its light weight and adjustable, soft neck padding.

BBQ apron

As a regular self-made grill master you know the ins and outs of grilling and roasting. Working the barbecue wearing the leather aprons from Gaba-Gaba will give you a bold and distinctive look.

Craftsman apron

No matter your skills, with the leather Gaba-Gaba apron you not only endorse your trade but are also safe and protected against splashes. Full of character, robust and maintenance-free.

Kitchen apron

Cooking is second nature to you. Whether preparing a one-pan dish in less than no time, or taking plenty of time to prepare a four course menu, you just love to cook.

Waist Aprons

The leather Gaba-Gaba waist apron is available in various colours and with different pocket types. The company logo can be either laser engraved or embroidered if you so wish.

  • Caterer's leather waist apron
  • Barista waist apron
  • Waist apron for the professional

Do you and your staff know all there is to know about the trade you practice? Do you have your own business with a distinct atmosphere and character?

Enhance your trade with authentic Gaba-Gaba leather (waist) aprons. They are easy to adapt to your personal wishes and are strong yet easy to clean. Made of the best leather in the world: Argentinian full-grain leather. Full of character, durable and ages beautifully.