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Leather aprons by Gaba-Gaba

Robust, rugged and full of character.

You know your trade like no other and are completely on top of your skills.

When wearing the leather aprons of Gaba-Gaba you ooze the spirit of your craft and work more safely.

Gaba-Gaba aprons are one-of-a-kind:

  • First-rate leather from Argentina
  • Strong, supple full-grain leather with a characterful look
  • Customisable: a wide choice in colours, pocket types, straps and neck pads
  • Can be laser engraved or embroidered with your company logo
  • One size doesn’t fit all: available in the sizes S-M-L-XL


What can you expect from Gaba-Gaba?

In-house production
All the leather (waist) aprons are produced in-house, which assures you of 100% Dutch quality.

With normal use, the warranty term is 2 years. Not happy? You have the option of returning your apron within 14 days after receipt.

Our staff is ready and waiting! Would you like some advice or do you have any questions? Call us or send an email to: +31 (0)38– 2022343/


Rustic, rugged & bold. Leather aprons the way
you want them! These are the Gaba-Gaba aprons:


Functionality lies at the basis of our leather products. The supple material will add enjoyment to your work for the entire day and evening. Putting on the apron is done in the blink of an eye; all you need to do is attach the two straps to the sides. Furthermore, the soft neck pad is adjustable to add to comfortably wearing.


Using a leather apron adds to safer working due to the thickness and special qualities of the leather. The aprons fold tightly around your body, which ensures comfort and contributes to safety..


You can choose from a wide range of colours, pocket types, straps and neck pads. We can also laser engrave or embroider your company logo on the apron. Either way, success guaranteed!


The leather can be very easily cleaned by wiping it with a damp cloth. Our (waist) aprons are waxed which makes them maintenance-free. The wax layer does not feel greasy and is dirt repellent.